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“Amazing Castles and striking scenery”

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“No fancy hotels here but amazing food”

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“BULA” here means hello/Welcome

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BORA BORA (French Polynesia)
“Known as the Romantic Island”

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“Its all about the Knights and Crusades”

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“World’s highest Tides and Pagentry”

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"Beautiful villages, cuckoo clocks and the Black Forest Cake"

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"Simply a Piece of Paradise in the South Pacific”

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"Cliffs of Moher-one of the World’s most iconic cliffs"


These four simple words should be embedded in every traveller. Learn about the destination to avoid any undue surprises, misunderstandings or disappointment…Frank Greco
(The Travel Guy)

Where in the World

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1. This clock tower is not an optical illusion, rather this country’s answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Standing over 34-metres high (111ft), the clock tower leans more than 1-metre (3ft). There are many pubs in this country and city where this tower is located so when new comers pour out of the pubs at night and see the tower, they may think they’ve had wee too many pints. This city is also famous for building the Titanic.

Which is the city?

2. These boats are the symbol of this country…they are colourful feature the seeing eyes on the boat. The eyes are there to protect the fishermen. And return them safely home. These type of boats are found in a fishing village that for most of us is hard to pronounce and spell- Marsaxlokk (pronounced; Mar-sax-Lock).

What is the boat called?

3. This castle with its large protective walls was built around the town that carries its name between 1283 to 1289. The Kind of England that built the castle was King Edward 1 better known as King Edward “Longshanks.” He is also known for fighting the war against William Wallace of Scotland. This town holds the Guinness Book of Records as having The Smallest House in Great Britain.

Name this walled Welsh town?

4. “The Mountain Cow” is what this animal is called in this country, but their real name is “Tapir.” They are mostly gentle animals and live in forest areas of this Central American country. Although hard to spot during the day, they are active at night. This country is the only country in the world to have the Tapir as their national animal.

Which is the country?

5. This waterfall is simply known as “The Falls” and has the worldwide reputation of being the honeymoon capital of the world to this day, a designation that it has held since the early 1800s. There is a boarder that separates two countries and two waterfalls that captivate visitors. The city is well known to millions upon millions of people.

Name the waterfall?

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Travel Tips

TippingTipping is a fact of life, we all do it. In some countries it’s expected (for good or bad service) and in other countries, this gesture can be viewed as being rude, or even worse, an insult. Always do your research or ask your hotel at time of check-in to grasp local tipping etiquette. This holds true in most Asian countries and although there are many Western visitors some are starting to relax on the acceptance of tipping. Hotels do add a service charge to the bill and invite an additional tip but may/will accept an additional tip of up to 10% above the service charge. Check your receipts and ask what the local view is on tipping…you do not wish to insult anyone in the service industry.
Do your Research!Do your research before traveling to any tourist destination. You are in another country and things are not like home. Simple items like your favorite swim wear may not be culturally accepted or illegal. For example, on the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and The Grenadines, camouflaged designed clothing (including swim wear) are illegal to wear or import. Why: The only individuals that can wear camouflaged clothing are the local police and army. It is illegal for all others (it’s the law).
CommunicationAt least try. Learn the most basic of local words like, thank you, hello, how much, my name is. They will take you a long way in a foreign country where english is not a common language.


How did you take that?

In my view, taking great photos when you travel is not about the perfect colour, the perfect scenery, it’s about the photo that you, your family and friends talk about. When you come across an iconic attraction, view or something that captures your attention, step out of your comfort zone.  Tourists gather in droves around attractions taking...

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